Tickets & Cash

* There are no tickets for sale at the gate. This is a pre-sale ticket event only.

* If you have a hotel package reservation, you will need to show your reservation number and hotel name at the gate.

* There is no ATM close to the venue or places to change money, and credit cards are not accepted on site, so prepare beforehand all the Japanese yen you will need at the event.

* Children under the age of 13 can enter for free with their guardian. There is a supervised kids area where they can play and take part in games and creative activities.


There are ticketed and free parking areas.

* Access to Parking Lots #1 and #2: Parking ticket required.

* There is NO RE-ENTRY for Parking Lots #1 and #2. If you have a ticket but leave during the event, you will have to park in Parking Lot #3 on your return.

* Please drive SLOWLY and CAREFULLY along the road to the venue. The road is winding, narrow, and dangerous, especially in the rain.

* Access to Parking Lot #3 (close to the Prince Hotel): FREE.

* From Parking Lot #3, there is a shuttle bus to the venue. During the day, the forest boardwalk path to the venue is also open. This lovely walk is under 30 minutes.

The image below is in Japanese but you can see car parking lots #1, #2, and #3 pretty easily:

Shuttle Bus

During the event (from open to close) there are shuttle buses running from the gate area to Parking Lot #3 and then to the hotels and hot spring in town. Please be ready to wait during the most crowded times. There are no showers at the venue, but you can take the shuttle to the local onsen. See the info booth at the gate for more details. If there are long lines for the shuttle bus, remember that it is possible to walk into town. A walk of 30-40 minutes is very doable.

Open and Close 

The venue officially opens at 3pm on Saturday September 16th but we will try to let in people as early as we can.

Tentatively, the music schedule is:

9/16 (Sat): 6:30 pm - 2:00 am
9/17 (Sun): 9:00 am - 1:15 am
9/18 (Mon): 8:00 am - 6:30 pm

The complete timetable will be published a few days before the event. It’s possible to camp at the venue Monday night after the event finishes, but you have to leave the venue Tuesday morning. You can easily find rooms Monday night at the Prince Hotel in town if you decide to stay another night. The event is intense, so we'd recommend staying a final night to chill out if you have the time.

Loophole Chemicals

In Japan, as in many parts of the world, a class of semi-legal "loophole drugs" has emerged which are nasty and dangerous. These are inert herbs soaked in potent chemicals manufactured by Japanese organized crime elements. These can be fatal alone or when combined with alcohol, and police will detain if you are found with these despite their ambiguous legal state.

We will be searching bags and anyone discovered with loophole drugs or other prohibited items in their possession will be immediately removed from the party without a refund. 

And on a related note, if you're traveling from abroad, remember that "smoking" is very far from a casual crime here. Be safe.


Bringing glass bottles into the event is PROHIBITED. We will be searching bags and confiscating any glass bottles we discover.

We have to do this for two reasons:

* Glass is dangerous.

* Glass is heavy.

There is a physical limit to how much trash the town is able to process. Banning glass bottles helps us and the town handle trash at the event's conclusion. If you are a whisky connoisseur, you can prepare your 20-year Yamazaki in a plastic bottle, please. Not the most respectful gesture towards a fine liquid, granted, but one that is required.

Trash On The Floor

A clean dancefloor is a beautiful sight to see. It is an extension of the spirit and mentality of the entire event. When I see photos of festivals where the camp ground and dance floor look like scenes of a riot, I think what kind of celebration of life is this?

I know it's easy to get carried away and leave trash on the dance floor in an excited state of mind, but what does this say about your integrity? And the integrity of the event as a whole?

The decision to clean after yourself and show respect for a communal space shared by others for spiritual enjoyment should be a simple one. It only takes a brief moment to commit to this state beforehand, and then you will act with awareness in the moment.

This is your event and ours. 

Please Don't Do

* NO VIDEO on the floor. It's an invasion of someone's private space to suddenly film them while dancing. We ask that you be senstive towards and respectful of the space of others.

* NO AUDIO OR VISUAL RECORDING of performances. Security will stop you. Labyrinth is designed as a wrinkle in time and space. One way to flatten out that wrinkle is to point a camera at it. 

* NO DOGS are allowed on the dance floor. Dogs are allowed into the event but they should be kept on a leash, and they must not be brought onto the dance floor. The extreme sound levels of the dance floor make a dangerous and stressful situation for dogs. You will be asked to leave if you bring your dog onto the floor.

* NO DRUMS OR WHISTLES on the floor. This one requires no explanation. 

* NO LIGHT SOURCES on the floor. This includes pen lasers, light sticks, etc. The lighting at Labyrinth is designed for specific aesthetic reasons. Please trust us and respect those. 

* NO FIREWORKS OR FIRE anywhere at the venue. These are dangerous for obvious reasons.


* We will clearly indicate which areas are for camping. Please only set up your tents in the designated camping areas. If you camp elsewhere, staff will be forced to tell you to move.

* Open flames and BBQ’ing are not allowed in the camping area. There’s a designated covered BBQ area with sinks past the first camp ground, up and to the left. Please use that.

* The river at the venue can become dangerous and flood during times of heavy rain. Swimming in the river is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED by the town authorities. Your cooperation in following local rules is essential for us to be able to continue to use this venue. So even if the day is bright and sunny, please don't jump in the river. This can have serious consequences for us with the local town leaders.

* Do not bring speakers or sound systems into the camping area. These will seriously piss off others around you trying to relax or sleep. 

* After you take down your tent, please remove and take back your pegs. Do not expect us to pick up your gear after you.


The weather can change quickly in the mountains and in Japan it rains a lot. Come prepared for cold at night and the sun during the day. Warm clothes (fleece and light jacket), sun protection, rainproof gear, and good shoes are all essential.

For checking weather conditions at the Labyrinth venue, search for “Niigata, Numata”. Here is one weekly and daily weather forecast for the area.

Natural Disasters

This is typhoon season, and in the event of a typhoon we will all have to follow strict instructions from the town. Please be aware that if the event is cancelled because of natural disaster, poor weather conditions, or other reasons beyond our control, ticket money will not be refunded.

The event normally carries on in the case of rain, but there is a chance of the event stopping temporarily or getting canceled because of typhoon winds or lightning. Significant rain can lead to landslides and flooding. We are not responsible for injuries or loss of life under any circumstances. If the event is suspended or cancelled, please closely follow staff instructions. 


The mountain road from the venue to Parking Lots #1 and #2 is narrow and dangerous. Please be very careful passing cars on this road, especially in the case of rain. And of course absolutely do not drink and drive after the event finishes!

If you have been drinking on the final day, you can relax one more night camping at the venue or get a room in town (there will be many open), and then drive back home the next day. Take care of both yourself and the lives of those travelling with you.

Also you cannot drive into the venue after the event finishes or the following day to collect your things. The wooden bridge onto the dancefloor cannot bear the weight of a car. It will collapse. And the backroad is extremely dangerous in the rain. One year a car slipped off that road down the hill into the trees, with almost tragic consequences.

Other Venue Manners

* We will not reissue lost wristbands. Do not take off your wristband. Lost wristbands will have to be repurchased.

* Do not bring items prohibited by law into the event. 

* Be respectful if you’re a smoker and don't throw cigarette butts on the ground. We recommend you bring a portable ashtray which are very popular in Japan. You can buy these at Tokyu Hands, for example. We cannot leave the venue until every last cigarette butt has been removed from the grounds, and this is back-breaking work for our team on Tuesday.

* Trash needs to be carefully separated. Please follow the event guide and instructions on site for separating garbage according to local regulations. 

* You have to bring back your tent, camping chairs, BBQ equipment, empty bottles, and other such gear. Do not leave this stuff at the event and expect us to clean up after you.

* We do not take responsibility for any accidents or thefts that occur at the venue. Please take care of your valuables. Be aware that there are no storage areas or lockers for valuables.

* Anyone who refuses to follow the instructions of staff will be removed from the event and your ticket money will not be refunded.

* If you attempt to come backstage or get on the stage, you will be immediately rejected from the event and be given a lifetime ban from ever attending a Mindgames event again.

Last Words

The Labyrinth is a powerful force of nature and a joint statement from everyone involved: from the staff to the artists to you. But it is also a delicate, fragile creation that has survived 16 years because people treat it with love and respect. This event is only possible because we have won the support of the local area: its hotel owners, its shopkeepers, its residents, its police, and its politicians. Please respect the town, the people, and the surrounding nature. We are visitors to this beautiful spot, and we hope to remain so for many years...

We thank you for your continued support and understanding over all these years.

See you on the floor.