Peter Van Hoesen (live/dj hybrid)
[Time To Express, Archives Intérieures: Belgium]

Donato Dozzy
[Spazio Disponibile: Italy] 

Atom TM & Tobias (live)
[No., Non Standard Productions, Chile/Berlin] 

Outer Space (live)
[Spectrum Spools: USA]  

Marco Shuttle
[Eerie, Spazio Disponibile: Italy] 

Patrick Russell
[Interdimensional Transmissions, The Bunker: USA] 

Ishq (live)
[Virtual: UK] 

Claudio Fabrianesi
[Còclea Music, Mule Electronic, Italy]

[Amenthia, Switzerland] 

Tobias (live)
[Non Standard Productions, Berlin] 

DJ Nobu
[Future Terror, Bitta: Japan] 

[Mindgames, Tri-Bute: Japan] 

[Mindgames, Global Chillage: Japan]