Interview with Three

In addition to Marcus, Three also did an interview with Higher Frequency. The Japanese translation (thanks Terumi!!) is here at Higher Frequency, while the original English is below:


Higher Frequency: At first, Could you tell why you choose “Three” for your DJ name? not Two , nor Four... (it’s a bit ridiculous question, sorry!)

Three: as i grew up looking at names of producers, remixers, djs as well as musicians (flood, mantronix, derrick "mayday" may, baby ford and The Edge for example)...and even actual instruments (like the Sisters of Mercy naming their drum machine Dr. Avalanche) i decided wanted to create my own alias to separate me the person from me the DJ or whatever else i was trying to do.

how i actually came to use the number and name Three is sort of a long and kind of boring story, though! over time, i discovered how special of a number it is for many reasons to many people. while none of those thing went into why i chose it it has made it a little more special to me, but at the end of the day... what's in a name? i leave it up to you.   =)
Higher Frequency: Could you tell your musical background, and how did you started your DJ career?

Three: i grew up around a lot of home stereo equipment, a large collection of music and a baby grand piano. so music was big part of my childhood in many ways. i played the clarinet until the 8th grade and took piano lessons for a short while. i cannot read music and do not play anything instrument as one would be taught, but i can play what's in my head and have an ear for the key of music.

my interest in djing was both from a combination of early hip hop culture and wondering how the dj was doing things as well as going to the roller skating rink and being able to see the dj play my first exposure to early electronic dance music. those days at the roller skating rink were huge in the growth of my curiosity.

as i got older i found i was more and more interested everywhere i saw a dj and it just pushed me more and more to discover how to give it a shot myself. eventually this would lead to obsessive things in the early 90's like traveling to NYC to go to the Sound Factory and flying back home to florida the next morning. its always been something i was drawn to.
Higher Frequency: I really got “psychedelic”, “hypnotic” feeling from your Djing and it makes yourself outstanding. Is it just my imagination?

Three: even if it is your imagination, i've always bought into the idea that a great experience in all of the arts (music, film etc) very much is heightened by the participant having the "willing suspension of disbelief". meaning letting your mind go where the music or imagery takes you.   believing in the feeling or message regardless of the reality. i take it as a great compliment! thank you very much.
Higher Frequency: Compared to other DJ’s , We don’t find your online DJmix (promo) much. Don’t you like to do That? Your big fans around me asked me to tell you “could you please provide more of your awesome mixes online?”

Three: over the years i've found a great night doesn't always sound great when one listens to the recording. it's the total sum of the parts that make an amazing night --- the people, the sound, the atmosphere and so on. over time i have heard sets of mine where i perhaps did not enjoy myself at the time, but i love listening to the recording. so i've let more things come out cause i know its probably just me being silly.

even so, i love the mindset of "what we do is secret"! i like the mystery. i like the word on the street to be "you had to be there" if i'm lucky enough to have people say that. in this decade with the internet i've seen too many people decide a DJ is of interest or not by just hearing any random mix on the internet.

all these ideas aside i know i have put out even fewer mixes than normal this year and its something. i'll get a few out between now and Christmas. i really do want people to hear more! perhaps i can supply you with downloads to what mixes i do have as an bonus to this interview??
Higher Frequency: Could you tell what kind of music do you listen at your day-off ? also, what is your interest these days, except music ?

Three: taking pictures has been more of a thing for me lately. i had a camera put in my hand at a very early age so it's always been interesting to me. as for music i listen to a lot of classic rock (Rolling Stones, The Beatles) and a lot of old alternative music like Tones On Tail, Killing Joke, The Clash and The Modern Lovers. also a lot of early electronic stuff of all sorts from Kraftwerk to Skinny Puppy and Coil. the 4AD label. i go through phases where i listen to the same stuff for a good while. for example almost anything produced by Brian Eno... Talking Heads especially... i'll listen to their album Fear of Music for weeks and then move on.

i get most of my inspiration for ideas with electronic music from how older things like that were mixed or how instruments were used.
Higher Frequency: Could you suggest the name of some artists/DJs who you feel sympathy for?

Three: off the top of my head i'm very excited about the music of Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf & Lamb, Reverse Commuter and Seth Troxler. also, DJs Doc Martin and Derrick May have continued to evolve being an ongoing inspiration for me. Lee Burridge is someone i must say is a refreshing person to hear and be near, as well.  there is so much i'm inspired by right now, but these are the very first people who come to mind and i don't want to ramble on!
Higher Frequency: You’ve just re-launched your Label, Hallucination Limited on April as Digital Label. Could you tell how you decided to re-launch? What was the trigger for that?

Three: i simply wanted to finish what i started. i'm looking forward to the next 12 months. i'm very proud of what we have to release.

Higher Frequency: Is there any newly, interesting schedule from Hallucination Limited ?

Three: along with select titles from our previous releases before we became available digitally... we have new music and / or remixes from Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf & Lamb, Seth Troxler & Inexec as Business Class, Crazy Larry, Pier Bucci, Grumptronix, Terry Francis, Sycophant Slags (Mr C and Adultnapper) and more plus an entire album from the new project by Kenneth James Gibson (of Apendics Shuffle fame) under the name Reverse Commuter. also, many of the early catalog will have new exclusive-to-digital release mixes.   
Higher Frequency: About your gigs in Japan, so far, ware all organized by Labyrinth crew. Could you tell your impression for them? Also, if other promoters in other area of Japan offers you to invite for their local party, will you join them as well?

Three: my first experience at Labyrinth was something i will never forget. the Labyrinth crew, the crowd they attract and the excitement and unique nature of my first trip to japan were a validating experience for me as a DJ. i can't say enough positive things about them and their party.

having gone from my first time to being asked to play the closing party at Unit (a club i absolutely love)... then closing the festival my second Labyrinth and being asked to play the closing party at Unit again.......i was surprised to be asked back for a third time and even more surprised to be asked back for a forth. i'm very happy this time around to be branching out and playing in okinawa the week after. i'm interested in any opportunities to play in japan so other promoters should not be afraid to reach out. that said, of course i will always be in contact with russ and the Labyrinth crew about whatever i'm offered! they have been such a big part of my life the past several years!

Higher Frequency: You had so many gigs in so many plase around the world, Could you suggest the name of the most interesting parties for the last few years ?

Three: Labyrinth and Unit in tokyo.... no kidding. Panorama Bar in berlin lived up to its reputation this summer, as did Club Dervisionaire in berlin. san francisco is at the peak of its powers the second half of this decade. it's such a special place and i highly recommend any event at The Compound or anything thrown by the Pacific Sound / Sunset crew there. the Snatch night i do in florida is a personal favorite. Fabric and T Bar in london never disappoint. australia is also very special to me... the Rainbow Serpent Festival in particular.
Higher Frequency: From your point of view, how is the dance music scene in New York (is your base, Is it right?) these days?

Three: very healthy. although there has been a bit of a backlash to proper clubs and people are more into the warehouse one-offs these days. over time i don't think its healthy to have such a divide, but i can't deny NYC is vibrant right now. DFA, Rub N Tug ... they are the most developed in this decade here i think. but, the techno one-offs like ReSolute and Black Market are strong and more specifically there is the Wolf & Lamb collective who are some fresh, up and coming artists that have been at it for a good while and are really contributing to the city as artists and label heads, as well as party throwers.
Higher Frequency: Please give a message to your fans here in Japan.

Three: i am very grateful for your love and interest in me. i cannot say enough nice things about the people and culture of japan. most of all i cannot wait to share more dance floor experiences with you!! keep the faith!!!!

Higher Frequency: Your set at Labyrinth 2008 was totally amazing experience! I realized the simple joy of the dancing at that moment : ) Looking forward to seeing you at Labyrinth 2009 with my party-loving friends!
Thank you so much.

Three: thank you so very much. and thank you for the interest in interviewing me.


--September 9, 2009


Interview with Marcus

Marcus from Minilogue did an interview with Higher Frequency. You can find the Japanese version kindly translated by Terumi here at Higher Frequency.

Here is the English original:


Higher Frequency: You just arrived in Japan on May as Minilogue, you are going to play by yourself this time. what kind of sound do you play recently?

Marcus: Yes we played in Japan not so long time ago. Played on the GroundBeat festival as Son Kite and Minilogue... great festival!! This time it's just me coming and doing a dj set. When I dj i try not to get into any specific "sounds", I like playing the music that I think fit into the vibe.

Higher Frequency: Over the years ,you have came on stage with some project name like Sonkite, Minilogue.
I think there is no such wonderful party as Labyrinth. How is your impression to this party? Is there something different from other party?

Marcus: I haven't tryed parties on other planets so I have to say... It's my favourite party on this planet!!! I'm sure there are other great parties on other planets... can't wait to go to those places ;)

You should not listen to music you should experience it... what better way to experience the music is there if you have a 3 day festival up in the japanese mountains toghether with friendly people and a ENORMOUS soundsystem and a fantastic line-up... it will for sure be a psychedelic experience... can't get any better than this :)

Higher Frequency: I remember your DJ set was the last of our journey in Labyrinth 2006 and it was very amazing...I was moved when you played 'Kirsty Hawkshaw - Fine Day (James Holden Mix)' as an encore.
Do you have any special memory you've ever played in the past?

Marcus: I must say that the 2006 dj gig on the Labyrinth was one of those moments that will be hard to forget... one of my best memories in my dj career!!! It will be hard to beat that gig but you should not compare feelings/parties because every place and party is unique in it's own way... Everything have something to give! Same goes with people actually... never compare yourself with other people... it will just make you insecure!

Higher Frequency: I heard you will quit DJ after this party. Is it true? Can I ask what has happened on your mind if you ‘re alright?

Marcus: Yes, you heard right... I will stop the dj thing for a while... don't know if I ever will start again but you should never say never ;)
I feel that it's hard for me to focus on two things... dj'ng and producing. I feel that the producing part makes me happier and the meaning of life is to get happy so it was time to make a choice...

Higher Frequency: Will you continue to play live as Minilogue ? Could you tell what you want to express through your music life to the future?

Marcus: Of course! Minilogue and Son Kite is my life!! I'm trying to live my life in the NOW and not in the future so I can't tell you anything about the future...

Higher Frequency: Are you plannning to release an album with Minilogue or IMPS?

Marcus: Ok... I can talk a little bit about the future ;) We're working on a new Minilogue album at the moment but when it's going to be released... I don't know... I just know that it's going to be great... and when I say great I don't mean that the music is great I mean that it's great that I don't know when it's going to be released :) Like I said before, I'm trying to live in the NOW!

Higher Frequency: Do you have any special interest besides music?

Marcus: Life! What a wonderful illusion!!!

Higher Frequency: All of The Labyrinth freak loves you !!
Please send some messages to your fan!!

Marcus: All happiness that exist in this world comes from wishing other happiness. All suffering in this world comes from wishing yourself happiness!!!
Think about it and start living it and you shall find something special :)
With love from Marcus


--September 1, 2009


"Midnight Lounge" セカンドステージへのご招待



BAR LOUNGE がセカンドステージに早変わり。






Nightsounds at the Midnight Lounge

For the star-gazers and the drinkers, the contemplatives and the midnight groovers, we have some good news. After the main stage shuts down late on Sunday and Monday night, we're going to open a second small stage right next to the bar that will go all night.

The sound will range from dub and deep house to spacey ambient and far-out electronica. We're lining up artists who have massive collections of trippy music that they usually can't play peaktime in a club. These two nights will be for real music lovers who crave something a little different.

It will be low-slung, it'll be deep, and it will just what the doctor ordered for the insomniacs who can't sleep at night. And the sound, of course, will be Funktion-One.

We'll announce the artists soon...



何年もの間待ち続け、ついにLabyrinth 2009 に向けて新しくウェブサイトを立ち上げました。シンプルですがこれで充分。


こちらのInfo, Artists, Timetable, Accomodations, と Access


After waiting many years, for Labyrinth 2009 we finally put together a new website! It's a simple one, but it should be enough.

This year's event is taking place over four days, September 19-22, at Naeba Greenland in Niigata.

Check out the sections Info, Artists, Timetable, Accomodations, and Access for everything you need to know about this year's Labyrinth.


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