Tickets are sold out. No tickets will be sold on the day at the gate. Camping is included with all tickets, but parking tickets are sold separately.

Early Bird Discount Tickets

Price: 17,500 yen (limited to 1000)
Sales: From June 14 (11:00 am)
Stores: Clubberia, Disk Union Shibuya Club Music

Note: Early bird discount tickets cannot be sent overseas. If you're purchasing from overseas, please wait for the International Tickets (see below). 


Hotel + Discount Ticket Package

Price: 17,500 yen + room charge (limited to 100)
Sales: From June 24 (11:00 am)
Store: Labyrinth Greenland Reservation Site


Pre-Sale Tickets

Price: 19,500 yen 
Sales: From July 12 (11:00 am)
Stores: Clubberia, E+, Disk Union Shibuya Club Music


International Tickets

Price: 19,500 yen (limited to 100)
Sales: From July 13 (10:00 pm JST) 
Store: Mindgames Bandcamp 

These tickets are for those living outside of Japan unable to buy tickets in Japan.


Parking Tickets

Price: 3,000 yen (limited to 500)
Sales: From July 12 (11:00 am)
Store: Clubberia

There will be 500 pre-sale parking tickets sold for access to parking lots #1 and #2, the parking lots closest to the venue and within short walking distance. These tickets guarantee access to these lots. Please be aware that there is no re-entry for parking lots #1 and #2.

Parking in the more distant parking lot, parking lot #3, is free. This parking lot is a about a 25-minute walk to the gate. A free shuttle bus runs between parking lot #3 and the entrance. Re-entry is allowed for this parking lot.