Hodaigi Campground

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dance floor

The heart of a music festival is the dance floor, and The Labyrinth dance floor is a large, flat field surrounded by trees and mountains. We are happy to announce that the floor is covered in soft grass, perfect both for dancing or laying back while listening to ambient in the morning. We will keep this area as simple and open as possible so there’s the maximum amount of space to dance, and so we don’t disturb the spot’s natural beauty.

But the most important aspect of the floor is the attitude you bring to it. Keeping it clean is a joint responsibility that belongs to all of us. A clean floor is a powerful symbol of respect for the event, for nature, and for a communal space shared by many. Laziness in this regard (“someone else will pick it up…”) is not good enough. Let us all strive for respect for ourselves and others through our actions on the floor.

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Hodaigi is a wonderful place to camp. There is a wide range of camping spots scattered around the campgrounds. Most camping is in tree-covered areas, under Japanese white birch or Japanese larch trees, but there are also open areas looking out on mountains.

The “Sports Day” weekend of October is known for its fine weather and is typically one of the driest and sunniest weekends of the year, but everyone should be prepared for rain and cold. The elevation of the campgrounds is 1000m, and the evenings can be quite cold at this time of year, so please prepare proper gear and layers. To help keep everyone warm at night, we are running an indoor cafe in a building close to the dance floor. We are also building a large campfire in the campground area.

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Hodaigi is a proper campground with full facilities. There are coin-operated hot showers and several covered BBQ areas with places for cooking and running water from Mt. Hotaka, a famous source of water in the area. A small store on site sells essential items. There is also a limited number of auto-camping spots and bungalows which can be reserved (see below).

And if camping is not your thing, you can stay at pensions and ski lodges which are on the route of the shuttle bus to the parking area. The shuttle bus stops at the Twin Villa Hodaigi, a ski lodge, where it's possible during certain hours to use their baths.



Reservations for auto-camping, bungalows, and the Tokyo bus tour can be placed through Banana from June 28 at noon.



There are 50 auto-camping spaces at the venue available for reservation. The auto-camping area is partially shaded and has beautiful open views of Mt. Hotaka. Some spaces have electricity.

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There is a limited number of wooden bungalows on site located close to the BBQ area. These are simple bungalows with electricity but without showers or toilets. Blankets are available on request.

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bus tour

The easiest access from Tokyo is the bus tour. Everyone coming by car has to park at the nearby Hodaigi Ski Area parking lot and take the shuttle bus to the venue, but the buses will be arriving directly at the venue.



Address: 915-1 Fujiwara, Minakamimachi, Tone-gun, Gunma, 379-1721


access by car

From Tokyo take the Kanetsu Expressway and exit at the Minakami IC (2 hours). Head toward route 291 for 6 km and turn right onto route 63 for 12 km. Park at the Hodaigi Ski Resort parking area. The drive is 30 minutes from the Minakami IC.

access by train

Tokyo —> JR Joetsu Shinkansen to Joumokougen (75 minutes) —> Taxi to Hodaigi Campgrounds (45 minutes)


Tokyo —> Takasaki Line to Takasaki —> Joetsu Line to Minakami (140 minutes) —> Taxi to Hodaigi Campgrounds (30 minutes)

Note: There are almost no taxis operating in Minakami, but there is a shuttle bus on Saturday. See info for more details.


All parking is at the designated parking area for the Hodaigi Ski Resort. A free shuttle bus will be running 24/7 all three days from the campground to the parking area and back. The drive takes about 20 minutes. Parking requires a paid parking ticket. Only those with a parking ticket are allowed re-entry.

No cars will be allowed into the site except for taxis and those with auto-camping reservations. Please understand that cars will not be allowed to drive into the venue to drop off people or gear.




by shuttle

The Hodaigi Villa ski lodge is right next to the parking area and is operated by Hodaigi directly:

Hodaigi Twin Villa: 0278-75-2557 [FULL]

The following pensions and ski lodges are on the route of the free shuttle bus:

Minsyuku Nagara: 0278-75-2041 [FULL]
Pension Pal: 0278-75-2935 [FULL]
Minsyuku Sekigahara: 0278-75-2132 [FULL]
Lodge Kirin: 0278-75-2040 [FULL]
Lodge Sugina: 0278-75-2280 [FULL]
Lodge Yamanoie: 0278-75-2215 [FULL]
Pension Amuse: 0278-75-2310 [FULL]
Namiki Sansou: 0278-75-2287 [FULL]
Lodge Hodaigi: 0278-75-2035 [FULL]
Chalet Le Neige: 0278-75-2828 [FULL]
Minsyuku Yoshinoya: 0278-75-2710 [FULL]

By car

The following pensions and ski lodges are further away and not on the route of the party shuttle bus. They would require a car to access the event. (Note: there are almost no taxis operating in Minakami.)

Seiryu no Yado Tamura: 0278-75-2096
Onsen Lodge Takane: 0278-75-2228
Pension Old String: 0278-75-2386
Minsyuku Yagura: 0278-75-2077
Pension Tops: 0278-75-2024
Onsen Pension Yumekoubou: 0278-75-2666

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